Neil Diamond and The Fonz Share a Moment

Thursday, January 28, 2010
How would The Fonz sing "Song Sung Blue"? Well, surprisingly better than Henry Winkler can sing it.

Just a great clip...worth watching for the mid-70s fashions of the audience and Neil's tight pants and ginormous sequen belt. Helen Reddy makes an appearance as well. And is just me, or do the couple around 2:30 resemble Olivia Newton John and Liam Neeson?


  1. I liked Neil Diamond before he became "slick", and when he performed his songs "straight" and not cheesy. Ah, the old days...

  2. I love him no matter what stage of his least he has tremendous talent, not like most all style/no substance "performers" today.

  3. That I'll give you. They won't be talking about today's Miley in 20 years...

  4. How can you not love Neil Diamond? :) I have no idea what it is, but even in his cheesiest moment, he's still compelling and great!

  5. Sorry about the deleted post.

    Wanted to say Diamond is a legend. Turned 69 last weekend. What a career; 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's. Sexy as ever and still the best ticket in town!

  6. @Joy - totally agree with you. A Diamond is forever!


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